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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Kayu Api is Looking for Staff Members for the Forums!!


Kayu Api is looking for Staff Members for the forum!! We are looking for someone who is passionate, responsible and able to meet deadlines. Also, the person must at least be able to spend a reasonable amount time online. WE understand that each one has many other dedications to attend to as well so we do not expect you to sit in front of the computer all day long.What we mean by reasonable is at least a couple of hours per week, at your own discretion. :) So without further ado, the specific positions we are looking for are listed as below:-

Graphic Designer -Someone to work with Graphics at the Forums- our Banner etc..... If you have sufficient "photoshopping" skills, do drop us an email with maybe a sample of your work!!

Coder/Designer - A person with sufficient html skills and can help work with the forum This person must work with the Graphic Designer since the Graphic Designer will be providing the graphics for use in the forums.

Moderator/Publicity - Since the forums are pretty inactive now, the moderators won't have much to do yet. So, initially, those that apply would do some publicity work which would be spreading the word around on Kayu Api and the Forums. It's a pretty easy job. You can send emails out to your friends and we would provide the introduction note and everything. When the forum starts working, then the moderators can start moderating. I'm pretty sure I need not explain the jobs of a moderator since the name "Moderator" itself is self-explanatory.

So, if you feel like to joining the team and you fufill the criterias listed above or if you want to make any further enquiries, do drop us a note at kayuapiproductions(AT) Remember to replace the (AT) with @. We would love to hear from you!!


Alin and June

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