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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kayu Api Productions - All that you need to know

1. Rules and Regulations in KAP
2. Details for submission

Rules and Regulations in KAP

1. Stories hosted on KAP belong to the authors who have written them and not KAP.
2. KAP reserve the right to reject stories that are of questionable content.
3. Writers whose stories are rejected have the right to demand the reasons for KAP's decision.
4. Everyone is to be polite. We don't care if it's hypocritical to your nature. Just be nice and no one gets hurt.
5. 1. No one is to be ashamed of anything they write. We respect diversity and understand that there are many stories aside from ones we are familiar with.

Details for Submission

1. It must be an original story.
2. The submission must contain the preferred genres for the stories (otherwise your hostesses will take the liberty of slotting the story where *we* feel they belong)
3. Stories submitted to KAP will be published on the blog unless specified otherwise
4. Must contain:

Name or penname:
Title of Story:


  1. Will the author get paid if story is published?

  2. Hey there. :) Thanks for visiting this site. At the moment, we do not offer any kind of incentives for published stories.