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Friday, November 28, 2008

Update! Of Copyright Issues and Stories v.1


It's a little after midnight and here, i bring you our very first update! Yays!

Okay, firstly, we have settled the legal, plagiarism and theft issues the best we could. This is by using the utilities of Copyscape(c) and a Creative Commons License as protection for the users of this website. A more detailed version of the protection provided can be found in the Copyright and Protection section.

We can't stress the importance of reading the Copyright and Protection article enough, as the article shows how KAP is handling the issue. Please give us feedback for your concerns and such in order for us to aid you in our cause.

Secondly, we've started out with one story so far, which is more of a guinea pig, really. We will start posting others up as soon as possible, now that we believe the legal issue has been settled. So, expect more updates in terms of stories!

The website is going smoothly so far and it's all thanks to you for supporting the website! Although, we do admit that there's still some ways to go but we promise the ride would be worth it! =D

We have much more to update but that definitely will not deter us from answering any questions.

Have a great day~

Alin and June

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