To Leave an Imprint in Written Word and to Light a Candle in the Dark

Words, they say are the best defence. Or perhaps, the best offence. It need not be said the impact of words in society be it printed, published, written or blatantly uttered to the comprehension of others. There are writers who do not conform to the more commercial of society, this is for you. For those who enjoy the written word and would love to share, this is for you. For the fictional writer and those who seek a place to improve, this is for you. For Malaysia and the world, and humanity. This is for you. Share...

Friday, November 21, 2008

Welcome to Kayu Api Productions


Welcome to Kayu Api Productions! We're the new site in town, focusing on stories written by you! Our focus is mainly on Malaysians as we understand opportunities for your stories to be read is sparse and few, especially if you want to get feedback for your work. Ones that range beyond the single sentences anyway =P

We're here to provide a space that writers can communicate and exchange ideas freely! Our main function is to provide a comfort zone for you as a writer and, as the site progresses, to become a platform for your recognition as writers =)

So do submit stories! It would be an honour for us to host it up for you. And, if you think we're lacking somethings, drop us a note. We swear that we'll work on it ^_^

Poke around, have fun! And write at the end of the day.We can only grow with the support of the public.

Hope you enjoy your stay~

Alin and June


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