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Words, they say are the best defence. Or perhaps, the best offence. It need not be said the impact of words in society be it printed, published, written or blatantly uttered to the comprehension of others. There are writers who do not conform to the more commercial of society, this is for you. For those who enjoy the written word and would love to share, this is for you. For the fictional writer and those who seek a place to improve, this is for you. For Malaysia and the world, and humanity. This is for you. Share...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

KAP wishes a Happy Belated Chinese New Year and Valentines Day!

Yikes! We seemed to have missed much of the celebrations in the past few weeks! First off would be Chinese New Year! It's the Happy Year of the Ox! May the coming year be prosperous for all despite the words tossed in the wind.

We are welcoming stories especially in regards of this celebration. If you have a tale to tell, do share! Colour it, describe it, soak it in angst, joy or any tone you wish. It would be wonderful to allow the congregation of different interpretations of this festival on this page.

Another would be Valentines. Well, Happy Valentines to those who are celebrating, Single Awareness Day to those who aren't and well, Happy Merrymaking for those who can hardly care less. Express your thoughts through words and do share them with us. It would be our honour to place them here.

Onto news of updates. We are currently in the process of revamping the site. We realize the basic look has served its purpose and now wish to expand the possibilities of the site. If there are any suggestions or perhaps volunteers, do drop us a line. We would be more than happy to receive aid!

The third is a reminder that the Short Story for MPH is due on the 31st of March. It isn't too late for a last minute rush of 2000 words! All the best to those who are trying!

That's it for now. Thank you for your patience!

Alin and June


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