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Words, they say are the best defence. Or perhaps, the best offence. It need not be said the impact of words in society be it printed, published, written or blatantly uttered to the comprehension of others. There are writers who do not conform to the more commercial of society, this is for you. For those who enjoy the written word and would love to share, this is for you. For the fictional writer and those who seek a place to improve, this is for you. For Malaysia and the world, and humanity. This is for you. Share...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Commonwealth Short Story Competition

Hey guys!!

Here's another competition for you writers to have a go at. The competition is open to all citizens of a Commonwealth Member country (Thats Us!! :D ) The deadline is very soon - 11th May 2009. My apologies for the short notice. Hoever, the good news is that all short stories submitted must not be more than 600 words, or else the entry would be disqualified. For more details, please do visit their website in the link we have provided here. 



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