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Friday, April 24, 2009

The Asia-Pacific Writing Partnership

Dear All,

Here's is something for all our followers, readers and contributers to take note of.

"The Asia-Pacific Writing Partnership brings together writers, scholars, writers’ organizations, translators, publishers and others interested in the development, exploration, distribution and promotion of writing from Asia and the Pacific.

Our mission is to encourage international understanding of the region through its literature and enrich writers in Asia and the Pacific by exposure to each others cultures, languages and creative approaches. See Aims

Our Board and Council members include established writers (across genres), scholars (across disciplines), and some of the world’s most highly regarded teachers of creative writing.

You don’t have to be an established writer, a distinguished scholar or literary organisation to join the Partnership. Membership is free to anyone interested in keeping up-to-date with discussions about writing from the region, joining internationally-supported initiatives designed to support writers from the region, or engage in collaborative research in the area.

The Partnership supports regional activities initiated and run by writers and scholars on-the-ground anywhere in Asia or the Pacific. Currently, we concentrate on holding an annual meeting in conjunction with a regional literary event, usually spearheaded by a regional member of the Partnership’s Board or Advisory Council, and in conjunction with local organizations.

Our activities include panel presentations (by writers, literary agents, publishers, translators, festival directors etc), symposia (organised by universities), writing and translation workshops, fellowships, public readings, the establishment of literary prizes, assistance with the establishment of writing programs and writers’ centres, among other initiatives.

Our primary working language is English, but our members and affiliates include many (publishers, writers and translators) whose primary language is not English. The Partnership supports diversity of cultural expression and literature that crosses borders. It champions the notion that literature enhances understanding between cultures
." -taken from the Asia-Pacific Writers website

So, visit their website by clicking on the link provided above or @ for more information and membership registrations.



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