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Words, they say are the best defence. Or perhaps, the best offence. It need not be said the impact of words in society be it printed, published, written or blatantly uttered to the comprehension of others. There are writers who do not conform to the more commercial of society, this is for you. For those who enjoy the written word and would love to share, this is for you. For the fictional writer and those who seek a place to improve, this is for you. For Malaysia and the world, and humanity. This is for you. Share...

Friday, April 3, 2009

KAP's First Newsletter and Other Announcements

Hey all!!

First and foremost, we at Kayu Api Productions would like to thank all of you who have supported us throughout these couple of months(4 months to be exact)-by visiting,submitting stories, etc...

Therefore, today we are proud to announce that Kayu Api Productions is coming up with our very first
NEWSLETTER for the year!! And that's not all!! Our very first newsletter would be submitted to the Asia and Pacific Writers Network for their September 2009 Issue!! So, send us you stories (fiction,non-fiction etc) and poems. We would be selecting about 6-10 pieces from all our submissions received (since we can't possible send all :D). There is no specific deadline but for those who would like their submissions to be considered, do try to send it to us by mid July. We need to read through,edit, and compile. Do bear in mind that all your submissions would first be published in our blog regardless as to whether it is selected for the newsletter or not..

You can submit your entries to us through the "
Submit Form" at the sidebar, or alternatively you can choose to send it to our email- kayuapiproductions(AT) . For those sending directly to our email, do remember to include your name, pen name, genre, summary, title and working email address so that we can contact you!! And read the terms and conditions too!!

Also, always remember that Kayu Api Productions accepts and welcomes all kinds of stories and poems from and all walks of life and all ages. We do not filter submissions sent to us unless it is something we deem highly inappropriate-vulgarities etc.... (So far, there's none ;D) All we do is edit and make sure there are no grammatical or typo errors. We strongly believe that every writer has to start from somewhere and there will never be any stories/poems etc that would be too substandard, simple for Kayu Api. The key to improving is towrite, write and just write!! And we are here to encourage that!!!

Next up! I'm sure most of you have noticed the minor changes in KAP's layout!! Well, we at KAP are working hard to bring you much more!! So stay tuned!! Also, KAP is adding an
Events section which would feature the latest events attended by KAP in the local arts industry!!

We have also added a
chat box to our blog. Feel free to drop us a message there or even email us.It would mean a lot to us.At least we'll know our progress.We don't bite!! :D

Well. that's all for now. Do continue to support us!!!


Alin and June


  1. Hello guys.

    I'm just wondering, is there a word limit to short fiction submissions?

  2. Thank you Fadz for pointing that out!! :D Well, it would be best to keep it to about 2000 words. But we do not impose a strict limit! Just write you your heart's content :)